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Forever and a day!!

You are my description of love
You are my description of friend
You are my description of everything
You are my description of beginning to end.

You have put me on a pedestal
You make me feel ten feet tall
You’ve always been there for me
You’ve loved me through it all.

You’ve stood by me through thick and thin
You’ve always been patient and kind
Just thought I’d let you know
You’re the owner of this heart of mine.

So you ask how long I’ll love you
Well this is what I have to say
Past, present, future, always
Forever and a day!


Need U To Need Me

Don’t know how to explain it
Can’t really put it into words
You’ve touched my life in so many ways
You never cease to amaze me.

I don’t know what the future holds
I can’t pretend that I do
I just know beyond a doubt
I always want you around.

Whether we stay the closest of friends
Or I become the love of your life
Or maybe even both occurs
As long as your in my life I can smile.

Something about you makes me smile
Not just with my mouth
And not just with my eyes
But all the way to my soul.

Thank you for what you are to me
For being who you are
And adding happiness to this life
And giving me a reason to smile.

If I Could Turn Back Time


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If I could be young once again
I would have sooner met you
and all that would have remained
is the love I have for you

If I could have just shown you
how much you mean to me
then I could have died happily
with the tears of joy in me

If I could have been your knight
brave and donned in shining armour
then I would have been your princess
and not as your friend anymore

If I could have been a stranger
and not as myself to you
then I might have had the courage
to say wholeheartedly I love you

If I could have lived my life
then you could have seen me through
because all that I had ever did
was for you to love me too

If I could have just seen tomorrow
I would have jumped ahead of time
because today it might have not ended
and today you might have been mine 

About U, Me And Us…

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I never used to watch day or night until u say a gud night n gud mng… The truth is u r the one who make my day Good…
I never used to hav bed coffee but wish to hav daily bcz u’ll wake up me wit a kiss on my forehead…
I never used to hav proper food but having it regularly nowadays bcz u spooning me wit love n care…
I never used to ride bike slow but riding carefully bcz u said no race on roads n be safe…
I never used to care about me but caring myself bcz now im yours…
I never used to smile a lot but smiling often whn u r with me…
I never used to takerest but resting on ur laps whenever i feel tired…
I never used to play but playing a lot wit u lik a kid, i got back my childhood days bcz of you…
I never used to listen/sing d lyrics but u made me to sing/listen when we hear ur fav songs together…
I never used to think anything apart from work n studies, you introduced me a new world apart from these…
I never used to sleep early but u made me sleep lik a kid wit ur mother love…
I never felt this happy, u wished me to be happy always…
I never felt alone nowadays bcz u r wit me n around me…
I never know scoldings so sweet when u spell out of ur childish anger…
I never thought to live a life, so far im jus existing, u taught me to breath n feel wat is life…
I never thought to cuddle in blanky but u kept me in ur hug to make me warmth n safe lik a baby…
I never wish to be away from you but i am afraid, my love may hurt you n lead you to pain…
I never thought to write this note but i miss you badly n one day you wil be back to fb n read this…
I never know u love me or hate me but im happy bcz its your gift for me…
I never fall in love with your mind or heart but u just tied my soul with yours…
I never know as u r my friend, sister, brother, dad, mom or whatever… But its you the one who stand behind me as a family…
I never know i’ll give u heaven or hell but i am all yours, jus take whatever you want from me…
I never know am an angel or devil? But i wish to be ur mother angel n devil to guard you out of evils…
I never think apart from your health n happiness bcz u need it atomst…
I never see myself in mirror bcz u reflect me always…
I never wish to walk alone until holding ur hand together…
I never search words to console you bcz u taught how a silent hug wil do more than words…


This was written by my close friend, to his friend 🙂

a cute expression of  his love …