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Calling long distance

I read about a man who called his wife from an airport pay phone. When he had used up all his coins, the operator interrupted to say he had one minute left. The man hurriedly tried to finish his conversation. But before they could tell each other good-bye the call got cut. With a sigh the man hung up the phone and started to leave the little telephone booth. Just then the phone rang. Thinking that it was the operator wanting more money, the man almost didn’t answer but something told him to pick up the phone. Sure enough it was the operator but she didn’t want more money. Instead she had a message for him

after you hung up, ur wife said she loved you” the operator said, “thought you’d want to know.”


Message recieved

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She knew the answer before he even asked.

Her boyfriend of two years dropped down on one knee, pulled out a velvet, heart-shaped box, and asked, “will you marry me?”

he had looked so adorable. Such a large, strong man suddenly told vulnerable. she could not have found a better mate, so gorgeous, caring and easygoing. He had become her best friend, and she knew in her heart that she loved him.

yes”, she answered.

A wave of relief washed over john’s face, then a huge, boyish smile preceded a passionate kiss. He told “thank u for making me the happiest man in the world!!”

that week, they set the date and she started to pick out the cards for the engagement announcement- the memories immediately flooded back.

That wasn’t the first time she had planned a wedding. 2 years ago her fiance, louis had died unexpectedly died two months prior to the wedding. Pain paralyzed her heart as unfinished grief and longing reared up over these memories. She realised that planning another wedding brought back all the memories to the surface. She wondered if she’d ever heal from that loss.

She thought she would get over losing him because she had been so young.

As the days passed she wondered if her previous husband-to-be, now an angel, felt anger towards her for falling for someone else. After all, she had promised to be his one and only.

The next morning, she found herself praying, “dear god, as you needed my louis I have fallen in love with a wonderful man who treats me like a princess. I am very happy with me, but, am yet afraid that y angel might be mad that am going to break the promise I made to him. Tell him am very sorry, and hope that he will send me some sign so I know he approves”

just then, a knock on the door startled her. She jumped and nervously opened the door.

John came in “are you ready?”

for?” she asked.

we’ve got a premarital counseling today. Remember the pastor changed the date to this morning..”

oh! That’s right!” quickly she got ready, and they decided to take her car instead of his since hers was faster.

are you OK?” John asked as he started the engine.

hmm yeah” she replied halfheartedly.

you still want to marry me don’t you?”

she turned to him knowing she couldn’t let this man get out of her life. If only John knew how much she actually loved him. In that moment, she knew how much she really loved him.

yes” she replied.

John stopped the car in the parking lot, stepped out, came around her side and let her out the door. “do u see my wallet anywhere??” he suddenly began patting his pockets.

maybe its under the seat”

John went back to the driver side as she walked around the car to help him search.

He found his wallet under the the seat but something else caught his eye. He reached further back and pulled out a shiny looking gold object. “what’s this?”

her hands flew to her face. She had lost that gold bracelet three years ago. It was her birthday present from Louis, given on the last day he had told how much he loved her. She had searched the car many times hoping to find the bracelet and also given it for a full cleaning service in hope to find that special bracelet, when she did not find it, she had given up hope of ever finding it.

wow! This is beautiful!” John told impressed.

With some hesitation she explained who had given the bracelet so many years before and the entire incident.

For a moment John just stared at that piece shimmering in the sun. then he took her hand tenderly and then gently fastened the bracelet in her hand.

you don’t mind me wearing it?” she asked.

no” he replied, “now u can take it as a present from the both of us.”

years ago she had searched the car for the bracelet with his message “love u” engraved on it from her first love. As she watched it shine on her hand she knew her prayer for Louis had been answered. she was totally soaked in the tender moment that brought together louis and John.

John took her hand and they began to walk towards the church. Next to the brass handle a plaque read


Open heart

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Her parents fell in love at first sight, and , they have been in love with each other for almost 50 years. They were not just comfortable with each other or merely tolerant of each others faults. They were still truly, deeply in love, with all the passion and heartache that wildly emotional state entails.

Her father had always been a tease and a romantic.

For example: the first time her parents had ever spoke to each other was after world war II. After he had just returned from his college, he was driving his brother’s brand new car through town when he saw her mother go into a furniture shop. Pulling over, he jumped out of the car and managed to slip into the shop just behind her. Her mom who was thinking about buying a new apartment, asked the store owner to show her a new twin bedroom set she had admired the week before. Her father stepped up beside her out of the blue and declared “no dear we are not sleeping on twin beds”

they were married three months later, and they slept on twin beds till they could get the order of a huge king size double bed.

At the age of seventy her father had a open-heart surgery. Her sixty-eight year old mother spent every night at the hospital, in another twin bed!! her everyday was beside his bed. The first thing her dad told when removed of the tracheal tube from his throat was the most romantic thing she had ever heard and one she would never forget in her entire life. He said “ darling. You know what the doctor told when he cut me open?? he found your name engraved on my heart..”

To be loved like that!

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It was a Friday morning, and the young businessman finally decided to ask his boss for a raise. Before leaving for work he told his wife what he was planning to do. All day long he felt nervous and apprehensive. Finally, in the late afternoon, he summoned the courage to approach his employer, and to the businessman’s delight, the boss agreed for the raise.

The elated husband arrived home to a beautiful table set with the best cutlery and lighted candles. Smelling the aroma of the festive meal, he figured that someone from his office had called his wife and had told her on his good luck! Finding her in the kitchen he eagerly shared the details of his good news. They embraced and danced around the room before settling down for the wonderful meal his wife had prepared. Next to his plate he found a artistically written note that read “Congratulations, darling! I knew you would get the raise! This dinner is to show how happy I am for you and how much I love u.” the husband was bewitched and they shared a very happy evening.

Later, on his way to the kitchen to help his wife clean up, he noticed that a second card had fallen from her pocket. Picking it up from the floor, he read “dont worry about not getting the raise darling! U deserve it anyway! This dinner is to show how lucky I am to have you and how much I love u” !!!

falling in love

She still remembers the day she fell in love with him. It was near the end of their high school.

One Tuesday night he called her up and asked her out for a movie. she heard the nervousness in his voice, so she reassuringly said “I would love to, but, what movie do u want to see?”

while considering the options, the real answer just accidentally slipped out with his nervousness, “you”..