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April showers

The leaves are fresh after the rain

the air is cool and clear

the sun is shining warm again,

the sparrows hopping by the lane

are brisk and full of cheer

and that is why we dance and play

and that is why we sing

calling out in voices gay

“we will not go to school today;

nor learn anything”

it’s a happy thing I say

to be alive on such a day..



Ooh La La!!

When I open my history book

I just don’t wanna take a look

for who can remember all those battles

i think I’ll cat-nap while everyone rattles

I am Akbar the great sipping cola-cola

while Birbal serves me with hot popcorn.. ooh la la!!

when Noorjahan dances i clap

aah!!! my history teacher gives me a slap!!