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A ruined old castle’s lament


Majestically i stood in the days of kings

watching the birds fly with out-stretched wings

many a happy hour the king spent in my tower

gazing at the garden filled with many a flower.


but now I stand as a ruined old castle

longing for the bygone hustle and bustle

oh! how I wish the old days would come back

with tiny princes singing rhymes of Jill and Jack



ignored now I stand on a land so parched

cherishing the memories of days when knights marched

now I am worthless overgrown with weeds

to me the modern world pays no heed

but, don’t forget, once I stood majestically indeed.


April showers

The leaves are fresh after the rain

the air is cool and clear

the sun is shining warm again,

the sparrows hopping by the lane

are brisk and full of cheer

and that is why we dance and play

and that is why we sing

calling out in voices gay

“we will not go to school today;

nor learn anything”

it’s a happy thing I say

to be alive on such a day..


Trees for life

Embedded in its poise, are the values of giving, caring, fortitude and determination..

Resonating with the vitality of  life- sustaining energy, trees stand in splendor, providing comfort, nurturing dreams..

A source of sustenance, trees provide comfortable cozy homes and alluring attire..

Elegant and classy, trees inspire mankind to seek the wisdom of true learning..


compiled through,

various sources