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Open heart

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Her parents fell in love at first sight, and , they have been in love with each other for almost 50 years. They were not just comfortable with each other or merely tolerant of each others faults. They were still truly, deeply in love, with all the passion and heartache that wildly emotional state entails.

Her father had always been a tease and a romantic.

For example: the first time her parents had ever spoke to each other was after world war II. After he had just returned from his college, he was driving his brother’s brand new car through town when he saw her mother go into a furniture shop. Pulling over, he jumped out of the car and managed to slip into the shop just behind her. Her mom who was thinking about buying a new apartment, asked the store owner to show her a new twin bedroom set she had admired the week before. Her father stepped up beside her out of the blue and declared “no dear we are not sleeping on twin beds”

they were married three months later, and they slept on twin beds till they could get the order of a huge king size double bed.

At the age of seventy her father had a open-heart surgery. Her sixty-eight year old mother spent every night at the hospital, in another twin bed!! her everyday was beside his bed. The first thing her dad told when removed of the tracheal tube from his throat was the most romantic thing she had ever heard and one she would never forget in her entire life. He said “ darling. You know what the doctor told when he cut me open?? he found your name engraved on my heart..”


To be loved like that!

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It was a Friday morning, and the young businessman finally decided to ask his boss for a raise. Before leaving for work he told his wife what he was planning to do. All day long he felt nervous and apprehensive. Finally, in the late afternoon, he summoned the courage to approach his employer, and to the businessman’s delight, the boss agreed for the raise.

The elated husband arrived home to a beautiful table set with the best cutlery and lighted candles. Smelling the aroma of the festive meal, he figured that someone from his office had called his wife and had told her on his good luck! Finding her in the kitchen he eagerly shared the details of his good news. They embraced and danced around the room before settling down for the wonderful meal his wife had prepared. Next to his plate he found a artistically written note that read “Congratulations, darling! I knew you would get the raise! This dinner is to show how happy I am for you and how much I love u.” the husband was bewitched and they shared a very happy evening.

Later, on his way to the kitchen to help his wife clean up, he noticed that a second card had fallen from her pocket. Picking it up from the floor, he read “dont worry about not getting the raise darling! U deserve it anyway! This dinner is to show how lucky I am to have you and how much I love u” !!!