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Stand by me

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For years, I have given chase
For a love that stays
From a lover I can trustingly embrace
Who loves me in a thousand different ways.


I want a person who has much grace
With a character that conveys
That strength and kindness are in place
Together with love that never betrays.


Would it happen again now in this case
That you will end up as a lover who strays
Are you that genuine loving face
That will stand by me throughout my days.



little eyes upon you

There are little eyes upon u,

and they are watching day and night.

There are little ears that quickly

take in every word u say.

there are little hands all eager

to do anything u do.

and a little fellow who is dreaming

of the day he will be like u.

you are setting an example

everyday in all that u do

for the little fellow who’s waiting

to grow up to be like u.


Love or Fear?

I know a boy..
Who thought he wasn’t good enough..
He felt like he was worthless..
He felt like he was a waste of time..
How he gathered this I never will know..


I know a girl
Who thought that the boy was amazing.
Spent countless nights wondering if he was okay..
Felt like he never noticed her..

The truth?
The boy was deeply in love with the girl.
And the girl never thought he did.. ♥

the girl thought he was his life
but.. never said anything..
in fear of losing what they already had..
what happens next???
well…. lets see who wins..
love or fear ..

The darkness. . .

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The only thing I can see through the window is thick rain drops piercing down on my conscious.

I stay in the middle of my bed curled up and trying to shield myself from the unknown.

I feel like it is never going to shine and never going to stop raining.

The night seems restless and everlasting.

A loud Roar of wind comes crashing down on my window.

I feel that it’s trying to get inside and take me away.

Why can’t this night end soon?!

I’m utterly alone in confining myself to this prison called home.

I’m in solitude that has despair written all around it.

There’s no where else to turn.

Desperate for this night to be over.

I’m daring the sun to come out,

But it doesn’t.

My ears catch every rain drop that falls, while my eyes are blinded shut by darkness.

I stay curled in my fragile state, wishing for this dreadful night to end.

There’s no peaked window that is not surrounded by the pitch black darkness of the night.

There’s no opening of light to which my skin feels warmth.

There’s no crystal clear view, only the solitary confinement which I’m in.

I have nothing else to do but sit and wait.

Quietly crunched in my bed, waiting for darkness to fade into the sunlight.

I will wait!

Trying to contain my thoughts in silence.

I must simply wait…..In hopes that I will not fade within the darkness.