I’ll make this as short, interesting and less time-consuming as possible.

Interesting is a word in my vocabulary I guess. I have a master degree in the art of mischief, I’ve had several brain operations to remove all the whining and squealing urges.

Few facts about me:
o I love to read-anything interesting and that can capture my brain
o I don’t care what people say, I’m a big Twilight fan
o I’m a perfectionist. It’s annoying -___-
o I’m an extremely open-minded person and I usually adjust to things pretty easily.
o I totally believe in Karma.
o My least favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a day to remind people who are single that they are in fact…single. Then those that have someone have to spend more to get the other person a pointless gift.
o I’m a night owl, so i hate mornings with a passion. Seriously, I’m like a zombie before 10 AM. Wake me at your own risk.
o The most important thing to me is laughter because I believe without it, the world would just not go round.
o As much as I love my town, I’d love to be anywhere but here, ‘cos it’s really drab once you’ve seen everything it has to offer.
o I have a very deep and unusual imaginative brain. Not many can understand what I try to say or the meaning behind my portrayal.
o My imagination opened up a whole new world of “Writing” and so now, I write and describe all my crazy ideas, feelings and questions in the form of poems or short quoted texts.
o I have an undying and burning passion for Photography. My favorite would be “Nature Photography” and “Elemental Photography”
o I also live in my head more often than not, which often makes that I forget things or that I blurt out random questions at people, which often leads to weird looks or VERY weird conversations.
o I am one of the biggest daddy’s girls in the world. Even though I’m nineteen I call him Daddy all the time.
o Finally,
I love to laugh so if you have anything funny to say, please post it on my wall.

A quote to follow

Imperfection is beauty; madness is genius.
And it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous
Than absolutely boring.
Marilyn Monroe

© L a b e l le d  F r e a k i n g  A w e s o m e n e s s®
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“A picture speaks more than a thousand words”

So am gonna take up their advice.. Why try to explain about me in a few words when I got pics??  So these pics say a little more about me 🙂 

  1. Seriously complicated.!!

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