Monthly Archives: June 2012

That’s Love!!

The Best Relationship Is..
When you Two can Act Like
Lovers and Best friends..♥

It’s When you have 
More Playful Moments 
Than Serious Moments.. =)

It’s when you can Joke around,
Have Unexpected Hugs, 
and Random Kisses… ♥ :**

It’s when you Two Give each Other 
That Specific Stare and just Smile.. ♥

It’s When you’ll Rather Chill Inside 
To Watch Movies, Eat Junk foods,
& Cuddle than go Out all the time.. =)

It’s when you will Stay Up
All the Night just to Talk.. ♥

It’s When U can Completely Act Ur self 
& They can still Love U for Who U are..♥ =)


True Love?


You cannot control love,
It comes as rare as a dove.
Some people say it is over rated,
But that’s because they haven’t waited.

The chances of me finding you,
Are one billion to two.
I have waited far to long,
For me to be completely wrong.

True love is as rare as a blue moon,
But it has a great tune.
If you break my heart,
I’ll hit you with a dart.

Right through my eyes I see you clear,
So far away but still so near.
I think of you both day and night,
All I want is to hold you tight