Your wishes- a dream- a destiny…

Why u wished me

to be happy always,
to be strong,
not to cry anymore,
to takecare properly,
to be good,
to be lovable,
not to hurt anyone,
to make u proud,
to hav colourful wings,
to fly high wit victory,
to help indeed,
to smile whn sad,
to be unique,
to obey the elders,
to control the anger,
to be away from all sins,
to hav a strong heart,
to live a simple life,
to get up after a fall,
to be ur boy. . .

Why u wished me. . . ?

To be alone forever…

You knw this destiny earlier… ?

To walk alone in life…?

I wish those all above should be a dream…

Without you i don’t deserve all such wishes. . . šŸ˜¦




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